Dynasty Crossroads Episode 157 – Rooke Draft Rulz

@pahowdy’s makes up some rulz about rookie drafts



Rookie theory – All things being equal

SF, PPR, TE Premium

Things: ADP, Evaluation, Trends,

Mahomes Vs Barkley
Darnold VS Chubb

– QBs play longer
– Value as likely to remain the same
– even mediocre return has high value

Barkley VS Justin Jefferson
Harry VS Trent Richardson

-Rb more likely to increase in value
-RB more likely to produce
-Rb upside harder to find and maintain

Justin Jefferson VS Evan Engram
David Njoku VS Denzel mims

All things being equal, draft Rbs in rookie drafts, late, deep, early everywhere.


Players drafted outside the first four rounds of the NFL draft can probably be added later, if time and room permits

Trade up to target your Tier 1 players
Trade out

But try not to let players fall to you

IF I player loses value by the off season of their sophomore year, sell
If a WR player loses 5RDs of startup adp in their sophomore offseason, buy
If an RB drops by a round in Sophmore ADP, without really good reason, buy
Buy Tight end in their sophomore season
Always be selling running backs after their rookie draft

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