Episode 13 – Derek Brown (@DBro_FFB)

Fantasy football focuses on what’s done on the field. We as fans want the highlight reels, the touchdowns, the deep passes, and everything else that scores points. But as dynasty owners, we’re also focused on the collective wallets of the NFL. ‘Money talks’ is more than just a catchphrase and Derek Brown (Gridiron Experts, NumberFire, RotoUnderworld) joins us to talk about contracts. We speculate on projected volume based on a player’s salary. Derek gives the DOM duo the basics on what owners can glean from the information out there.

Topics include:

  • How to properly value player contracts as a dynasty owner
  • Free agency with respect to a position
  • Team discussions: Denver, Cleveland
  • Free agency before the 2019 season
    • Who is everyone’s Buy or Sell?