Episode 20 – Ben Cummins (@BenCumminsFF)

Dynasty draft season is over. Redraft season is here. But, regardless of which format you choose, we all have to worry about our weekly rosters. Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) analysis highlights the weekly edges we need to succeed. So…why not talk to a DFS expert? Ben Cummins (Fantasy Footballers) sits down with the DOM crew to look at the connections between dynasty and DFS. Ben gives an overview of his process for his dynasty and DFS rosters and what metrics drafters on both sides of the aisle should be concerned with on a weekly basis. The formats aren’t so terribly different once kickoff occurs, so the tips here can be applied to both formats

Topics covered:

  • Connections between dynasty and DFS
  • Vegas totals and their influence
  • Hedging bets on players
  • Stacking in dynasty
  • Flag players for the 2018 season