Episode 25 – Andrew Harbaugh (@DHH_Mandrew)

Dynasty GMs focus on the now during the NFL season with some attention paid towards the future. Because the college football season occurs during the same time period of the year, we tend to miss out on the prospects that typically end up on our rosters in a couple years. Andrew Harbaugh of Dynasty Happy Hour sits down with the DOM crew to cover a couple of receivers that might be of interest to the dynasty community soon enough. Andrew walks through his process, talent evaluation, and what he saw on film from both players. The conversation and the methods discussed can be applied to any upcoming prospect and should be part of anyone’s process so they can acquire talent at a low cost should they declare for the NFL.

Topics Include:

  • Why this particular duo? What stands out?
  • What are their skillsets? How do they win?
  • Why should dynasty GMs care about college players so early in their careers?
  • Why we should practice patience in dynasty