Episode 28 – Etan Mozia (@FF_Wonderkid)

There are a number of metrics that we as dynasty GMs consider when evaluating a player. Their age, their contract, their role on the team…all play a part in determining the risk associated with retaining them or dealing them away. Each is important, but how should they be weighted? Etan Mozia (@FF_Wonderkid) from Fantrax sat down with the DOM crew to discuss his composite scores and how they were developed. These carefully crafted scores look at each of the aforementioned stats as a way to quantify a player’s value moving forward. The spreadsheets are a living document such that as situations change, so do the scores. Etan gives specific examples as to how the spreadsheets and scores can be used with an eye on 2019 and its continual development.

Topics discussed:

  • What stats and variables affect the composite scores?
  • What contracts and player situations are being tracked closest over the next year?
  • The evolution of the slot receiver role
  • Longevity and its role in determining a player’s score
  • How will the spreadsheet change with next year’s incoming class
  • An announcement on an upcoming show