Episode 30 – The Owner’s Manual Pod

The fantasy season is officially over, but is it really?

Dynasty owners turn away from their weekly lineups to their overall roster as college players enter the draft. Bowl games and media hype fuel much of what we see on social media, but there’s plenty of useful content to consume before our drafts. To help, the Dynasty Owner’s Manual pod became the Owner’s Manual pod as the fellas from the Devy Owner’s Manual show hopped on to discuss the players they’ve been tracking. Andrew Harbaugh (@DHH_Mandrew) came on to talk about his offensive players (besides Noah Fant). Dwight Peebles (@FFPeeblesChamp) walked us through the defensive players for the IDP inclined. We’re just scratching the surface as #draftszn kicks off for dynasty GMs with a handful of names to watch out for as the offseason continues.

Topics Discussed:

  • What kind of class is coming in 2019?
  • The top offensive prospects
  • The top defensive prospects
  • Why should dynasty owners start researching players now?
  • Who are the favorites entering the draft?