DOM – Episode 31 – Brian Malone (@BrianMaloneFF)

We’re back!

The 2018 season is over and the offseason has begun. Dynasty content is already hitting everyone’s TL and discussing rookies so why not join in on the action? Brian Malone has put together the Cohort Report that looks at player comparisons based on both age and production. ‘Range of outcomes’ is a term you’ll hear quite a bit throughout draft season and the Cohort Report helps to manage those expectations. Today’s discussion revolves around how the report was created and some player-specific questions focusing on process. Follow Brian and Twitter and give him a donation for his excellent work!

Topics Discussed:

  • Trends discovered creating the report
  • How to handle outliers or injured players
    • Robert Woods
    • Hunter Henry
    • Devonta Freeman
  • What to do with Damien Williams…