DOM Episode 37 – Ethan Turner (@ETurnerFF_PT)

Injuries can change…everything. They can change our value on the player, the offense, the placement player…everything. But how much? Our perception and prognostication of how injuries affect a player vary between dynasty managers. Ethan Turner is here to help set us straight. Both his experience and profession help him determine what’s important in analyzing an injury occurrence. He sat down with the DOM crew to go over his process and provided some nuggets on what we can do to improve our perception of injuries. Of course, we couldn’t let him come on without some practical application. From Andrew Luck to Jordan Reed, Ethan provided a blueprint for approaching player value and how we can assess their outlook as more information from the league if provided.

Topics Discussed:

  • What to look for on tape
  • Do we overvalue injuries?
  • Types of injuries and their impact on a position
  • Players discussed:
    • Andrew Luck
    • Cam Newton
    • Jordan Reed
    • Tyler Eifert