DOM Episode 38 – Jesse Reeves (@JesseReevesFF)

The process for evaluating rookies can be difficult with multiple sources of input. The draft is nearly here and the dynasty community has been overloaded with content. From The Combine to the information released after Pro Days, the rankings are being constantly adjusted as we learn more. Grinding tape and analyzing data never stops so a process for establishing a baseline value is immensely useful. Jesse Reeves from FFStatistics¬†stopped by to talk with the DOM crew. Jesse’s new to the rankings scene and provides his input on how he determines how to rack and stack the incoming class. Afterward, the player discussion begins. The primary offensive positions are tackled with a discussion on traits, value, and landing spot.

Topics Discussed:

  • Sources of Input/Inspiration
  • Draft Process
  • Wide Receivers (Metcalf, Brown)
  • Running Backs (Sanders, Barnes)
  • Quarterbacks (Haskins, Lock)