DOM Episode 42 – Memphis (@DFFMemphis)

It’s over. The draft has come and gone and rookie drafts are already underway. The problem is that landing spots have changed our perception about many of the players and their value. Here’s where the #Process becomes important. We’ve gone from traits and college production to team fit and draft capital. How teams will try and maximize a player’s talent will be the focus and dynasty managers should keep that as their focus. The Outlaw (@DFFMemphis) helps the DOM crew with a mental exercise as the dynasty community heads into the rookie draft season. Using previous classes, we can gauge how managers have reacted to prospects given their draft capital, college production, and their subsequent team fit. How we valued them pre and post-draft can help set the tone for our approach to the 2019 class.

Topics Discussed:

  • Feelings about the 2019 class
  • Value of picks compared to the previous classes
  • Past Prospects
    • John Kelly
    • Royce Freeman
    • Cooper Kupp
    • Christian McCaffrey
  • Current Rookies
    • Rodney Anderson
    • Andy Isabella
    • JJ Arcega-Whiteside