DOM Episode 44 – Derek Brown (@DBro_FFB)

Drafting is an art/science unto itself. Roster construction, draft position, and league-mate tendencies all become factors in the decision-making process. Regardless of if it’s a start-up or rookie draft, different strategies can be applied to continue molding our rosters into contenders. Or, can they? Derek Brown (TQE, FantasyData, Grid Iron Experts) rejoins the DOM crew to talk about his approach to drafting. The 2019 class offers a lot of niche players jumbling our perception of value. While ADP might drive value, do we adhere to value or try and fit players into what we need? Derek brings the noise this week with helpful tips for any dynasty manager.


Topics Discussed:

  • BPA vs Drafting for Need
  • Identifying roster needs
  • Edge to mortgaging future picks for current assets