DOM Episode 46 – Kacey Kasem (@TheKaceyKasem)

The first year of anything new can be difficult. You’re taking in new information, looking at old information in a new light, interacting with new people…it’s just different. Dynasty formats fall into this category. It’s not redraft nor DFS. Contracts, team fits, and draft capital now drive the conversation. Trade negotiations are daily conversations. There’s always something to do. Kacey Kasem (Fighting Change Fantasy) comes back to the show to talk about her first year in dynasty. Her stories prompt the DOM crew to get all up in their feelings about past mistakes and the episode turns into a therapy session for everyone.

Topics Discussed:

  • Recapping Year 1 of dynasty
  • Incorporating New Formats
  • Gaining perspective on players
  • Group Therapy Session
  • Leaning on certain positions in dynasty