DOM Episode 50 – Bob Lung (@Bob_Lung)

The running back position has so much nuance to it that we struggle to identify what’s important. Blocking schemes, surrounding talent, snaps…it all becomes a part of our vocabulary when, sometimes, the production speaks for itself. Bob Lung (author of the Consistency Guide) joins the DOM crew to look past the film and discuss how these running backs have produced. On-field talent is a constant debate, but the results speak for themselves. Bob’s analysis gives us an idea of who we should be targeting in our drafts based on usage allowing us to avoid ADP traps and investing in poor offensive situations. The numbers are there, but Bob’s done the heavy lifting in sorting through the noise to find what’s relevant.

Topics Discussed:

  • What is consistency
  • Running back situations
    • San Francisco
    • Los Angeles Rams
  • Film/Consistency Discussion
    • Rashaad Penny
    • David Johnson
    • James White