DOM Episode 54 – Russ Fisher (@DynastyOuthouse)

We’re back! Just for a minute.

We’re past the halfway mark of the 2019 regular season and most dynasty teams are at a crossroads. Surrendering to a lost season due to injuries or just plain old bad luck seems depressing, but the promise of next year keeps dynasty managers in tune with what’s going on week to week. With so much attention on redraft and DFS action, dynasty can sometimes take a back seat. But the DOM crew got back together with the lovely Russ Fisher to go over some processes any dynasty manager can apply given their situation. Talking through some of our own bad decisions can lead to a better understanding of the path forward with an eye on the championship in 2019 or rebuilding for 2020 or beyond.

Topics Discussed:

  • Adam’s terrible team
  • Being honest with your team and its standing within the league
  • When to sell vets and begin rebuilding
  • Selling high and selling low
  • Selling to contenders