DOM Episode 57 – Offseason Rap with JMic

New flavor. Same cast of characters. The DOM Crew brought in the ever-insightful John Michael (@JMicCheck) to wax poetic on the current dynasty storylines and what he sees coming during the 2020 offseason. There was no topic that didn’t end up going down a rabbit hole as discussion about wide receivers led to Robert Griffin III to Kirk Cousins and how the Washington franchise. There was no stone left unturned as the topic of fatherhood was brought up with Adam expecting his first child in the next month. Was it a fun conversation? Well, that’s automatic.

Topics Discussed:

  • Diontae Johnson vs James Washington
  • 2019 rookies we’d like to see get more work in 2020
  • 2019 players we’re still salty about
  • Players we want to see end up as the #1 Fantasy Player in 2020
  • Is N’Keal Harry a buy in dynasty?
  • Kobe and Life as Girl Dad