DOM Episode 66 – Part 1 – Peter Howard (@pahowdy)

We asked him to be reasonable. He gave us the nah wave.

We were looking for flaws in his process or hot takes to poke holes into. He talked through a logical process.

It only made sense to bring back Peter Howard to the show shortly after the draft. With so much noise in the community, we needed the guy that’s literally “@-ing” the haters. The guy that can add some numbers and theory to guide us through our drafts. Our focus was Peter’s Top 12 wide receivers, but conversations with Peter can be a windy road with stops along the way to argue about running backs and veterans to support the process.

Topics Discussed:

  • Peters Process
    • Breakout Age
    • Draft Capital – Draft Round and Draft Pick
    • Hit Rate
    • Pre/Post-Draft Model
  • Who’s the 1.01? (CEH or JT)
  • The Fallacy of Vacated Targets
  • Can we use draft capital to project target share in Year 1?
  • Players/Situations Discussed
    • C.D. Lamb (Michael Gallup)
    • Jalen Reagor (Alshon Jeffery)
    • Jerry Jeudy
    • Justin Jefferson