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Devy Manual 3.10 – Big Ten Preview with The Travis May

Welcome in, sit down and grab your earphones – it’s time for the Big Ten to enter the college football fray. Dwight @ffpeebleschamp, is joined by Travis May @FF_TravisM of Rotoviz, College2Canton, and Dynasty Life fame to talk about the week that was and the weeks upcoming in college football.   The Week 7 games […]

Devy Manual 3.9 – Bulldogs, Tigers, and Tanks.. oh my!

Episode 3.9 is a fast-hitting blast of information featuring game recaps and devy players standing out in this season thus far. Host Dwight Peebles is flying solo this week and gets down to the meat and potatoes! Winners and losers of the college week Jerrion Ealy, Kyle Trask, Jahmyr Gibbs, Isaiah Spiller, Tank Bigsby, Khalil Herbert […]

Devy Manual 3.7 – Week 4 College and QB Talk with CJ Lang

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, week four of college and week three of the NFL is in the books. Dwight @ffpeebleschamp is joined by CJ Lang @Clubber_Lang83 to talk about devy college prospects! Week 4 College Week 3 NFL A New Golden Age of QBs Thank you all for listening!

Devy Owner’s Manual Episode 3.6 – Week 3 College/Week 2 NFL

Welcome back – your hosts Dwight Peebles @FFPeeblesChamp and Pete Lawrence @_PeteLaw tackle the week 3 college slate and week 2 of the NFL games. It’s early in the season but the action is heating up! Players with huge performances, raising devy stock Players to watch in Week 3 – the return of the SEC […]

Devy Owner’s Manual 3.04- Running Backs and Emmys

Welcome back peeps! Dwight (@FFPeeblesChamp) and Pete (@_PeteLaw) are joined by special guest – straight from Tinseltown, Mr. David Berger (@CarlJunior). The trio talks about the future of running backs, breaking down some of the names coming down the pipeline from Campus heading to Canton.  A recap of some of the news and some baseball […]

Devy Owner’s Manual 3.3 – Commissioner Talk

The Devy crew is taking a little break to talk with one of the most knowledgeable Commissioners out there (other than Scott, Ryan, and Bosch). Dave Sack (@RonDynasty) joins the Dwight (@FFPeeblesChamp) to talk about being a commissioner in Campus to Canton leagues. Dave runs one of the craziest leagues we have seen – Arrested […]

Devy Owner’s Manual 3.2 – The Quarterbacks

Welcome back! The Devy Owner’s crew – Dwight (@ffpeebleschamp) and Pete (@_PeteLaw) are joined by Joseph Nammour (@jnammour24). Quarterbacks are one of the most important positions, and especially in Superflex leagues. Good quarterbacks can make or break a team and we go over the college quarterbacks coming up over the next few seasons.

Devy Owner’s Manual 2.3 The Combine with Galileo

Welcome back! A new episode recapping the Combine! The Underwear Olympics are finished and pro days are upon us.  Dwight @FFPeeblesChamp and Pete @_PeteLaw are joined by Ben @jetpackGalileo to talk about players who did well and raised their stock, also some that took a hit. They also talk about draft pick value and things […]

Devy Owner’s Manual 2.2 Pre-Combine Banter

Welcome back! After a hiatus, the Devy Owners Manual has returned! The Underwear Olympics are upon us,  Dwight @FFPeeblesChamp and Pete @_PeteLaw are joined by Matt Griffith @CommishMaGriff to talk about players to watch this week and who has the most to gain/lose. They tackle the stacked 2020/2021 wide receiver classes and an interesting listener […]

Devy Owners Manual 2.1 – Use Your Resources

Welcome back! After a hiatus, the Devy Owners Manual has returned! Preparing for Devy drafts takes a lot of work and your hosts,  Dwight @FFPeeblesChamp and Pete @_PeteLaw talk about people you should be following on Twitter (other than themselves) and resources that can get you prepared. Grab your notebook, take notes – it’s a […]

Devy Owner’s Manual Episode 14 – 2018,2019,2020 Mock

In this crazy episode, your hosts Dwight (@FFPeeblesChamp) and Andrew (@MandrewNFLDraft) welcome guest Shane Hallum (@ShanePHallum) for a mock draft including 2018, 2019, and 2020 draft classes all included into one mock draft. How valuable are the 2020 players? How does each class compare when all in the same draft pool? We answer those questions […]