Month: December 2018

Dynasty Game Night – 34 – Trade Addicts

Russ Fisher (@DynastyOuthouse) and Brian Harr (@BrianHarrFF) of the Trade Addicts Podcast (Find it on the @DLFPodcast family of podcasts) join to take on Matt Price (@MattPriceFF) John Bosch (@JohnBoschFF) hosts Games Played ADP Cliffhanger (DLF December ADP) Name Game (Christmas Themed) Trade Game – ****WITH 2019 FIRST ROUNDERS**** Still a few L, XL, XXL […]

Dynasty Game Night 33 – Gut Feels

Matt hosts and John takes on Jason Tran and Derek McCreath of the Gut Feels podcast. Games: Name Game ADP Cliffhanger Games Played BS We still have the softest and most comfortable podcast shirt money can buy for only $10. Contact @JohnBoschFF on twitter to get yours.