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Dynasty Game Night 29 – Curtis Patrick and TJ Calkins

Curtis Patrick (@CPatrickNFL) and TJ Calkins (@tjcalkins) join to take on Matt Price (@MattPriceFF) John Bosch hosts (@JohnBoschFF) SHIRTS ARE $15 Games Played ADP BS DTC Trades Apex Predator   Rate/Review/Subscribe and SHARE SHARE SHARE the show. Tweet us the answer you nailed and those that you didn’t.  

Dynasty Game Night 28 – Dynasty Owner’s Manual

The guys from Dynasty Owner’s Manual, Adam Wilde (@DHH_ADAM) and Chris Allen (@ChrisAllenFFWX) join the show to take on John. Matt Hosts. Games Played Name Game, Apex Predator, Games Played BS   Help support the show. $15 for a T-Shirt, shipping included. Follow the show @DGNPOD Matt Price is @MattPriceFF John Bosch is @JohnBoschFF (Very […]

Dynasty Game Night Ep 27 – Matt v John

Nathan Powell of Dynasty Double Take and Dynasty Tradecast becomes the honorary host of Dynasty Game Night. He is the OG Dynasty Gamer, let us never forget that. David vs Goliath isn’t just a theme for Survivor, in this episode Matt and John battle it out. Thank you to Nathan for hosting Games NAME GAME […]

Dynasty Game Night Ep 26 – Denny and Overzet

In this edition of Dynasty Game Night, @CDCARTER13 and @PETEROVERZET join to take on @MATTPRICEFF Host @JOHNBOSCHFF Games Played Name Game ADP Card Sharks The Package (yep, the pod is take over by 12 YO boys)   DM @DGNPOD to order the most comfortable podcast  shirt you will ever own for just $15   SHARE […]

Dynasty Game Night 22 – Happy Hourish with Doug and Tim

Doug Eddy (@DaFantasyFather) from Dynasty Happy Hour & Trophy Time and Tim Keller (@DHH_Tim) also from Dynasty Happy Hour join the show as Matt Price sits in the host seat again. John Bosch competes once again   Games Played Name Game (Fantasy Analyst Themed) ADP Game Repeat Performance Game (DLF inspired) To buy a shirt […]

Dynasty Game Night Season 1 CHAMPIONSHIP

The championship is here. Thank you to Reality Sports Online for sponsoring the tournament Matt Price, Ryan McDowell and Nathan Powell compete for the title of champion of season 1. Breaking Bad Name Game ADP Cliffhanger 2 for 1 Trade Game   Buy a shirt for $20. Leave a rate/review. retweet and share the show […]

Dynasty Game Night TOC 3

Episode 3 of the Tournament of Champions presented by Reality Sports Online Nathan Powell and Kevin Cutillo return to battle Matt Price for a spot in the championship Name Game ADP Match Dynasty Trade Calc Trade Game Buy a shirt for $20. DM @DGNPOD or message John or Matt Please SHARE, RATE and REVIEW

Dynasty Game Night- Tournament of Champions Round 2

In round 2 of the Tournament of Champions brought to you by Reality Sports Online, Ryan McDowell and Chad Scott return to take on Matt Price.  John Bosch hosts. An Office themed Name Game ADP Game and Trade Game $20 for a shirt. Check out the pinned tweet @DGNPOD

Dynasty Game Night – Tournament of Champions. Round 1

The Dynasty Game Night Tournament of Champions presented by Reality Sports Online gets under way with Travis May (@FF_TravisM) and Jake Anderson (@NFLDraftTalker) returning to take on Matt Price (@MPricer) Buy a shirt for $20 to support the pod Rate, review, share.   A random shirt buyer and a random reviewer that correctly identifies the tourney […]

DGN Promo – Follow @TacitAssassin13

Zac is back at it again with another awesome promo for @DGNPOD Follow Zac Reed (@TacitAssassin13) of the @DynastyDummies Not only is he entertaining, but he provides awesome FF info.   Tune in live Wednesday March 7th at 9PM ET and play along with @DGNPOD   Leave an iTunes review predicting your champion for your […]

Dynasty Game Night Ep 12

******FOLLOW THE SHOW ON TWITTER NOW  @DGNPOD****** SHIRTS FOR SALE FOR JUST $20   This episode Brandon Marianne Lee (@BrandonHerFFB) and John Paul Hurley (@DTC_JohnH) join to take on Matt Price. John Bosch hosts. Games NAME GAME, TRADE CALC GAME, and NEW game-just an average game.   Please subscribe, rate, review and share. Interact with […]

Dynasty Game Night Episode 10

Host: John Bosch (@EmpireFFL) Contestants: Matt Price (@mpricer) Curtis Patrick (@CPatrickNFL) and Shane Manila (@DFF_Shane) We play the Dynasty Trade Calculator Trade Game, ADP Card Sharks and #FakeNews We also talk some TI-85s   Please RATE AND REVIEW– click the button and hit the stars. Tell us what you think. Share this episode. If you […]

Dynasty Game Night for Dummies (Ep 9)

We are back with our dummiest edition ever, which can only mean that Matt Price (@mpricer) is in the host seat and John Bosch (@EMPIREFFL) is competing. Zac Reed (@tacitassassin13) and Kyle LaBreck (@klabreck) from the Dynasty Dummies (@dynastydummies) join to take a shot at John. ADP BS, Name Game Before and After Do We […]

Dynasty Game Night #5 DLF takes over DGN

Dan Meylor (@DMeylor22) and Chad Scott (@Chad_Scott13) join Dynasty Game Night to take on John Bosch (@EmpireFFL) Matt Price is the host We play ADP Bullshit, Make Me an Offer and of course FAKE NEWS Please subscribe, rate, review and share this podcast. Let us know what you think Matt is @MPricer John is @EmpireFFL