Month: September 2018

Dynasty Game Night Ep 27 – Matt v John

Nathan Powell of Dynasty Double Take and Dynasty Tradecast becomes the honorary host of Dynasty Game Night. He is the OG Dynasty Gamer, let us never forget that. David vs Goliath isn’t just a theme for Survivor, in this episode Matt and John battle it out. Thank you to Nathan for hosting Games NAME GAME […]

Dynasty Game Night Ep 26 – Denny and Overzet

In this edition of Dynasty Game Night, @CDCARTER13 and @PETEROVERZET join to take on @MATTPRICEFF Host @JOHNBOSCHFF Games Played Name Game ADP Card Sharks The Package (yep, the pod is take over by 12 YO boys)   DM @DGNPOD to order the most comfortable podcast¬† shirt you will ever own for just $15   SHARE […]