Month: October 2018

Dynasty Game Night 29 – Curtis Patrick and TJ Calkins

Curtis Patrick (@CPatrickNFL) and TJ Calkins (@tjcalkins) join to take on Matt Price (@MattPriceFF) John Bosch hosts (@JohnBoschFF) SHIRTS ARE $15 Games Played ADP BS DTC Trades Apex Predator   Rate/Review/Subscribe and SHARE SHARE SHARE the show. Tweet us the answer you nailed and those that you didn’t.  

Dynasty Game Night 28 – Dynasty Owner’s Manual

The guys from Dynasty Owner’s Manual, Adam Wilde (@DHH_ADAM) and Chris Allen (@ChrisAllenFFWX) join the show to take on John. Matt Hosts. Games Played Name Game, Apex Predator, Games Played BS   Help support the show. $15 for a T-Shirt, shipping included. Follow the show @DGNPOD Matt Price is @MattPriceFF John Bosch is @JohnBoschFF (Very […]