Month: March 2020

DOM Episode 63 – Chris and Adam Talk Free Agency

We needed the break. With so much going on around us, the start of Free Agency was a well-timed distraction as quite a few of the offseason narratives suddenly became real. The action is spawning a lot of debates with more to come as the Draft approaches. In the meantime, the DOM crew sat down […]

DOM Episode 62 – Part 3 – Jesse Reeves (@JesseReevesFF)

We couldn’t keep Jesse all night, but we sure tried. In this last segment, we try to look at the draft from the team’s perspective. How they might process their current personnel and continue to build their roster into a contender. While we all have fantasy on the brain, the NFL is concerned with winning […]

Devy Owner’s Manual 2.3 The Combine with Galileo

Welcome back! A new episode recapping the Combine! The Underwear Olympics are finished and pro days are upon us.  Dwight @FFPeeblesChamp and Pete @_PeteLaw are joined by Ben @jetpackGalileo to talk about players who did well and raised their stock, also some that took a hit. They also talk about draft pick value and things […]

DOM Episode 62 – Part 2 – Jesse Reeves (@JesseReevesFF)

The conversation continues in Part 2 with Jesse. We keep coming back to some of our Combine takeaways but with more strategic talk behind it. Plus, we got deeper into some of the winners/losers of from the Combine with a preliminary look at some team fits for the Chargers based on some of the profiles […]

DOM Episode 62 – Part 1 – Jesse Reeves (@JesseReevesFF)

More and more news and speculation are coming out of the Combine and we’ve got to fill up the downtime with something. Highlight reels, hot takes, rankings, and models will keep us occupied as the NFL inches towards April 23rd. Of the many voices out there in the draft community, Jesse Reeves is one of […]

DOM Episode 61 – Part 2 – Jordan McNamara (@McNamaraDynasty)

We’re back with Part II of the discussion with Jordan. We go a bit deeper into the analytics behind draft strategy and the value of picks as Jordan details the processes he’s built up over the years detailed in his book ( Be sure to check out Part I for more info on the book […]

DOM Episode 61 – Part 1 – Jordan McNamara (@McNamaraDynasty)

Our timelines are loaded with highlight reels and projections for landing spots as The Combine comes to a close. But dynasty owners need to stay above the hype and maintain a zen-like focus on making optimal decisions for their squad. The type don’t lie, but analytical trends don’t either as Jordan McNamara emphasizes in his […]