Month: May 2020

DOM Episode 67 – Part 1 – *THE* JMic (@JMicCheck)

Talking through our process and re-living trades is almost therapeutic. We can acknowledge mistakes or claim victory in holding on to our strategy. JMic brings it all to the conversation. His experience and ability to bring together information from all sources to guide his strategy makes a thoughtful conversation that we broke into two parts. […]

DOM Episode 66 – Part 3 – Peter Howard (@pahowdy)

All good things must come to an end. Peter gives us his last takes on the WR class and a bit more along with some ideas for why guys with solid draft capital were falling in his models. If you haven’t already, subscribe to Peter’s Patreon account to get more of his thoughts: Topics […]

DOM Episode 66 – Part 2 – Peter Howard (@pahowdy)

“Sucking in the NFL is worse than being great in college.” – Peter Howard Can’t miss gems like this from Peter. We continue our look into his Top 12 wide receivers along with stops along the way to talk about some of the stats and narratives that fuel his process. Topics Discussed: Bill Belichick – […]

DOM Episode 66 – Part 1 – Peter Howard (@pahowdy)

We asked him to be reasonable. He gave us the nah wave. We were looking for flaws in his process or hot takes to poke holes into. He talked through a logical process. It only made sense to bring back Peter Howard to the show shortly after the draft. With so much noise in the […]