Month: February 2019

Devy Owner’s Manual – Episode 12 COMBINE!!!

Join hosts Dwight Peebles (@FFPeeblesChamp), Andrew Harbaugh (@DHH_Mandrew), and guest Tyler Browning (@DiabeticTyler) from the upcoming Draught Time podcast as they talk about the combine and some prospects they like, some they don’t, and some that will just fizzle and burn like a dying star. News and Notes Players we are watching, and players that […]

DOM Episode 33 – Justin Barlow (@FFcouchcoach)

The offseason¬†is a time for many things. Adjusting rosters, acquiring picks, or even just taking a mental break from the constant media input is all useful to dynasty managers. Justin Barlow (FF Outfitters, Dynasty Trade Calculator) hops on with the DOM crew to talk about his approach to the offseason. Taking a break can help […]

DOM – Episode 32 – John Michael (@JMicCheck)

You ever sit down and listen to a podcast and say, “This sounds like when me and my friends get together and talk about football.” The jokes, the yelling, the constant laughter…but there’s always a few nuggets of knowledge dropped amidst the chaos that keeps the conversation rolling. That is The Open Bar FF podcast […]

DOM – Episode 31 – Brian Malone (@BrianMaloneFF)

We’re back! The 2018 season is over and the offseason has begun. Dynasty content is already hitting everyone’s TL and discussing rookies so why not join in on the action? Brian Malone has put together the Cohort Report that looks at player comparisons based on both age and production. ‘Range of outcomes’ is a term […]

Devy Owner’s Manual – Episode 11 with Travis May

Episode 11 features host Dwight Peebles (@FFPeeblesChamp) and special guest Travis May (@FF_TravisM) talking about some devy names to watch for in your upcoming devy drafts! Quick recap of news and commits Tons of prospects to target