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Devy Manual Ep. 42 – Devy Watch and WR Landscape

Dwight @FFPeeblesChamp and Joseph @jnammour24 are joined by Jason DiRienzo @allpurposescout of the one and only Devy Watch to talk about the 2021 Devy Watch production and some WR landscape banter. The Devy Watch publication drops March 1st and it’s a must-have for Devy owners!

Devy Manual Ep. 41 – 2024 Talk w/ the *NSYNC of Devy

Welcome back everyone! No intro music today, I am sorry Gabe! Dwight and Joseph are joined by Colin Decker of Campus 2 Canton and Nathan Bourque of the DynastyNerds to talk 2024 Incoming Freshmen! Please follow all of these gentlemen and the Devy Manual Twitter page for news and updates!

Devy Manual – SCOUTS Roundtable 2021 RBs – Part 1

The Devy Manual takes a side trip to bring you the SCOUTS RB Roundtable – The SCOUTS are a group of gentlemen who chat year-round about scouting and prospects, meeting occasionally to record a podcast for your earholes. The SCOUTS are JMic from the Open Bar and JMic’s Journal, Cody Kutzer and Robby Jeffries from The […]

Devy Manual Ep. 40 – 2020/2021/2022 Combined Mock Draft w/ Chad Parsons

Welcome back, this is a fun episode where hosts Dwight and Joseph are joined by Chad Parsons of UTH for a combined class mock draft. A cornerstone draft if you will – a way for us to compare the previous season’s draft, this year’s draft, and next year’s draft class altogether as of this time.

Devy Manual Ep.39 – 2021 RBs Talk with Zack Dietz

Welcome back for another fun-filled Devy Manual – hosts Dwight Peebles and Joseph Nammour are joined by Zach Dietz of the NFL Draft Bible for some running back banter! Senior Bowl Notes 2021 Draft Eligible Running Back Please follow the Manual on Twitter and check out the YouTube channel to scout on your own. Thank […]

Devy Manual Ep. 38 – The 2021 Wide Receivers

The newest episode of the Manual is here! Hosts Dwight and Joseph are joined by Skip Newton of the Devy Happy Hour to talk about the incoming 2021 WR class. No Combine??? Senior Bowl Preview 2021 WRs we like and don’t like Please follow Devy Manual on Twitter and check out the prospect video page on YouTube! […]

Devy Manual Special – SCOUTS QB Roundtable

The Devy Manual takes a side trip to bring you the SCOUTS QB Roundtable – The SCOUTS are a group of gentlemen who chat year-round about scouting and prospects, meeting occasionally to record a podcast for your earholes. The SCOUTS are JMic from the Open Bar and JMic’s Journal, Cody Kutzer and Robby Jeffries from The […]

Devy Manual Episode 37 – Bowl Game Review

The Devy Manual has made it’s return. Hosts Dwight and new co-host Joseph Nammour ring in the new year with a look back at some of the bowl games and a title game preview! Risers and Fallers Keys to the Title Game Offseason C2C Strategies Thank you all for listening!

Devy Manual 3.13 – Top 5s for 2021 Draft

The PAC-12 and MAC are back, season is in full swing and your host Dwight @FFPeeblesChamp has got you covered! News Weekly Recap Players Who Lit it Up, Players Who Bombed Look Ahead to Week 11 Top 5 QBs, RBs, and WRs for 2021 NFL Draft Thank you all so much for listening, check out […]

Devy Manual 3.12 – Gloating All by Myself

Welcome back – Dwight was all alone and there may have been a little gloating over his beloved Spartans win against the Wolverines… Week 9 College Recap 4 Names to Watch Week 10 Preview What Do We Do With Our Rookies Thank you all for listening, please follow the YouTube Channel for prospect cutups and […]

Devy Manual 3.11 – Monsters of the NCAA w/ Matthew Bruening

Welcome in to the eleventh episode of the third reincarnation of the Devy Manual – it’s okay, I am confused to and I run this puppy! Dwight @FFPeeblesChamp is joined by Matthew Bruening @SportsfanaticMB from the Dynasty Nerds to talk about Week 8 from the NCAA and devy stock risers as well as fallers. Week 8 […]

Devy Manual 3.10 – Big Ten Preview with The Travis May

Welcome in, sit down and grab your earphones – it’s time for the Big Ten to enter the college football fray. Dwight @ffpeebleschamp, is joined by Travis May @FF_TravisM of Rotoviz, College2Canton, and Dynasty Life fame to talk about the week that was and the weeks upcoming in college football.   The Week 7 games […]

Devy Manual 3.9 – Bulldogs, Tigers, and Tanks.. oh my!

Episode 3.9 is a fast-hitting blast of information featuring game recaps and devy players standing out in this season thus far. Host Dwight Peebles is flying solo this week and gets down to the meat and potatoes! Winners and losers of the college week Jerrion Ealy, Kyle Trask, Jahmyr Gibbs, Isaiah Spiller, Tank Bigsby, Khalil Herbert […]

Devy Manual 3.8 – Week 5 Recap with Brandon Lejeune

Welcome back college football fans and Campus 2 Canton fanatics! Host Dwight Peebles welcomes Brandon Lejeune of the Devy Deep Dive in to talk about the Week 5 games and looking ahead to Week 6! Week 5 Players were impressed by A few rising stars to watch out for Week 6 preview NFL Rookie Recap Brandon […]

Devy Manual 3.7 – Week 4 College and QB Talk with CJ Lang

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, week four of college and week three of the NFL is in the books. Dwight @ffpeebleschamp is joined by CJ Lang @Clubber_Lang83 to talk about devy college prospects! Week 4 College Week 3 NFL A New Golden Age of QBs Thank you all for listening!

Devy Owner’s Manual Episode 3.6 – Week 3 College/Week 2 NFL

Welcome back – your hosts Dwight Peebles @FFPeeblesChamp and Pete Lawrence @_PeteLaw tackle the week 3 college slate and week 2 of the NFL games. It’s early in the season but the action is heating up! Players with huge performances, raising devy stock Players to watch in Week 3 – the return of the SEC […]

Devy Owner’s Manual 3.05 – I am Han Solo

College and NFL are back and Dwight is tackling it all by himself this week – follow him @FFPeeblesChamp for more craziness. News on Big Ten and Pac-12 College performances from Week 2 NFL Rookie Week 1 performances Join us every week and follow us on Twitter @devymanual

Devy Owner’s Manual 3.04- Running Backs and Emmys

Welcome back peeps! Dwight (@FFPeeblesChamp) and Pete (@_PeteLaw) are joined by special guest – straight from Tinseltown, Mr. David Berger (@CarlJunior). The trio talks about the future of running backs, breaking down some of the names coming down the pipeline from Campus heading to Canton.  A recap of some of the news and some baseball […]

Devy Owner’s Manual 3.3 – Commissioner Talk

The Devy crew is taking a little break to talk with one of the most knowledgeable Commissioners out there (other than Scott, Ryan, and Bosch). Dave Sack (@RonDynasty) joins the Dwight (@FFPeeblesChamp) to talk about being a commissioner in Campus to Canton leagues. Dave runs one of the craziest leagues we have seen – Arrested […]

Devy Owner’s Manual 3.2 – The Quarterbacks

Welcome back! The Devy Owner’s crew – Dwight (@ffpeebleschamp) and Pete (@_PeteLaw) are joined by Joseph Nammour (@jnammour24). Quarterbacks are one of the most important positions, and especially in Superflex leagues. Good quarterbacks can make or break a team and we go over the college quarterbacks coming up over the next few seasons.

Devy Owner’s Manual 3.01- Campus 2 Canton Intro

Welcome back! The Devy Owner’s crew – Dwight (@ffpeebleschamp) and Pete (@_PeteLaw)- are back and heading down a new path with the Devy Manual.   Campus to Canton, Heisman to Halas, Pipeline – we are now focusing on these types of leagues. We will talk a ton about devy players still but the strategy in […]

DOM Episode 67 – Part 1 – *THE* JMic (@JMicCheck)

Talking through our process and re-living trades is almost therapeutic. We can acknowledge mistakes or claim victory in holding on to our strategy. JMic brings it all to the conversation. His experience and ability to bring together information from all sources to guide his strategy makes a thoughtful conversation that we broke into two parts. […]

DOM Episode 66 – Part 3 – Peter Howard (@pahowdy)

All good things must come to an end. Peter gives us his last takes on the WR class and a bit more along with some ideas for why guys with solid draft capital were falling in his models. If you haven’t already, subscribe to Peter’s Patreon account to get more of his thoughts: Topics […]

DOM Episode 66 – Part 2 – Peter Howard (@pahowdy)

“Sucking in the NFL is worse than being great in college.” – Peter Howard Can’t miss gems like this from Peter. We continue our look into his Top 12 wide receivers along with stops along the way to talk about some of the stats and narratives that fuel his process. Topics Discussed: Bill Belichick – […]

DOM Episode 66 – Part 1 – Peter Howard (@pahowdy)

We asked him to be reasonable. He gave us the nah wave. We were looking for flaws in his process or hot takes to poke holes into. He talked through a logical process. It only made sense to bring back Peter Howard to the show shortly after the draft. With so much noise in the […]

DOM Episode 65 – Part 2 – Bobby Koch (@RekedFantasy)

The conversation continues with Bobby as we go deeper into the draft. You might have to stretch or squint to see the upside in some of these players, but some of their college points to upside for us as dynasty owners. Bobby lays out excellent points for each that dynasty managers should consider as we […]

DOM Episode 65 – Part 1 – Bobby Koch (@RekedFantasy)

The top of the NFL draft has been the focus of both the real and fantasy football community since February. Will Cincinnati actually take Burrow? Will Miami take Tua? Will any team move up or down in the draft to get their guy? The intrigue rightfully has our attention, but there are other prospects of […]

Devy Owner’s Manual Episode 2.4 – Spring Battles with Kane Fossell

The birds are chirping, it’s raining all the time, it feels like spring…. But no SPRING FOOTBALL GAMES! The guys – Dwight @ffpeebleschamp and Pete @_PeteLaw – are joined by Kane Fosell @Devy_Kane of the Devy Marketplace to discuss what we think would have happened in the key spring battles. Lots of SEC talk as […]

DOM Episode 64 – Part 2 – Addison Hayes (@amazehayes_)

We’re back with the second part of our discussion with Addison. We start to dig a bit deeper as the dynasty value falls into the later rounds. Regardless, Addison brought the fire to talk up some of the prospects that may see their stock rise after the draft. Topics Discussed: Players mocked/reviewed: Tyler Johnson to […]

DOM Episode 64 – Part 1 – Addison Hayes (@amazehayes_)

Addison Hayes (@amazehayes_) dropped by the show to help us keep up with the rookie hype as the virtual NFL draft approaches. We took Matt Miller’s latest mock and went through our thought process for how each player’s fantasy stock would be affected by the draft should these picks come to pass. Using some of […]

DOM Episode 63 – Chris and Adam Talk Free Agency

We needed the break. With so much going on around us, the start of Free Agency was a well-timed distraction as quite a few of the offseason narratives suddenly became real. The action is spawning a lot of debates with more to come as the Draft approaches. In the meantime, the DOM crew sat down […]

DOM Episode 62 – Part 3 – Jesse Reeves (@JesseReevesFF)

We couldn’t keep Jesse all night, but we sure tried. In this last segment, we try to look at the draft from the team’s perspective. How they might process their current personnel and continue to build their roster into a contender. While we all have fantasy on the brain, the NFL is concerned with winning […]

Devy Owner’s Manual 2.3 The Combine with Galileo

Welcome back! A new episode recapping the Combine! The Underwear Olympics are finished and pro days are upon us.  Dwight @FFPeeblesChamp and Pete @_PeteLaw are joined by Ben @jetpackGalileo to talk about players who did well and raised their stock, also some that took a hit. They also talk about draft pick value and things […]

DOM Episode 62 – Part 2 – Jesse Reeves (@JesseReevesFF)

The conversation continues in Part 2 with Jesse. We keep coming back to some of our Combine takeaways but with more strategic talk behind it. Plus, we got deeper into some of the winners/losers of from the Combine with a preliminary look at some team fits for the Chargers based on some of the profiles […]

DOM Episode 62 – Part 1 – Jesse Reeves (@JesseReevesFF)

More and more news and speculation are coming out of the Combine and we’ve got to fill up the downtime with something. Highlight reels, hot takes, rankings, and models will keep us occupied as the NFL inches towards April 23rd. Of the many voices out there in the draft community, Jesse Reeves is one of […]

DOM Episode 61 – Part 2 – Jordan McNamara (@McNamaraDynasty)

We’re back with Part II of the discussion with Jordan. We go a bit deeper into the analytics behind draft strategy and the value of picks as Jordan details the processes he’s built up over the years detailed in his book ( Be sure to check out Part I for more info on the book […]

DOM Episode 61 – Part 1 – Jordan McNamara (@McNamaraDynasty)

Our timelines are loaded with highlight reels and projections for landing spots as The Combine comes to a close. But dynasty owners need to stay above the hype and maintain a zen-like focus on making optimal decisions for their squad. The type don’t lie, but analytical trends don’t either as Jordan McNamara emphasizes in his […]

Devy Owner’s Manual 2.2 Pre-Combine Banter

Welcome back! After a hiatus, the Devy Owners Manual has returned! The Underwear Olympics are upon us,  Dwight @FFPeeblesChamp and Pete @_PeteLaw are joined by Matt Griffith @CommishMaGriff to talk about players to watch this week and who has the most to gain/lose. They tackle the stacked 2020/2021 wide receiver classes and an interesting listener […]

DOM Episode 60 – Derek Brown (@DBro_FFB)

When you get just the DOM crew together for a show, without a guest, the show is calm, cool, and collected. Adam talks into the back of his microphone. Chris keeps the show on time. That’s never been the case when Derek joins the show. One of TQE’s finest analysts stops by for a nearly […]

Owner’s Manual Crossover

What’s a good series without a good crossover episode every now and again? The Dynasty OM fellas team up with the Devy Owner’s crew (Dwight Peebles and Pete Lawrence) to talk about their favorite prospects headed into the offseason and players they’re looking forward to in the upcoming class. With both mindsets on hand, the […]

Devy Owners Manual 2.1 – Use Your Resources

Welcome back! After a hiatus, the Devy Owners Manual has returned! Preparing for Devy drafts takes a lot of work and your hosts,  Dwight @FFPeeblesChamp and Pete @_PeteLaw talk about people you should be following on Twitter (other than themselves) and resources that can get you prepared. Grab your notebook, take notes – it’s a […]

DOM Episode 58 – Curtis Patrick (@CPatrickNFL)

It’s officially the offseason and it’s time for our attention to turn to the incoming rookie class. With that, we need metrics, tools, and content to help us in evaluating the prospects we’ll see countless highlights and lowlights ahead of our rookie drafts. The DOM crew brought in Curtis Patrick of RotoViz to go over […]

DOM Episode 57 – Offseason Rap with JMic

New flavor. Same cast of characters. The DOM Crew brought in the ever-insightful John Michael (@JMicCheck) to wax poetic on the current dynasty storylines and what he sees coming during the 2020 offseason. There was no topic that didn’t end up going down a rabbit hole as discussion about wide receivers led to Robert Griffin […]

DOM Episode 56 – Offseason Banter

We talked about it last episode, but the DOM crew wanted to try some new formats for the 2020 season. As the Senior Bowl continues, Super Bowl practices ramp up, and dynasty mocks flash across our timelines all day, we took a step back to go over the narratives and questions over the past week […]

DOM Episode 55 – Season 3…We’re Back

And we’re back! The struggles of the regular season are over and we’re back to looking into free agents and the incoming rookie class. The DOM crew gives a quick update on some changes to the show, some of the latest news in the NFL coaching world, quick thoughts on player value, and a look […]

DOM Episode 54 – Russ Fisher (@DynastyOuthouse)

We’re back! Just for a minute. We’re past the halfway mark of the 2019 regular season and most dynasty teams are at a crossroads. Surrendering to a lost season due to injuries or just plain old bad luck seems depressing, but the promise of next year keeps dynasty managers in tune with what’s going on […]

DOM Episode 53 – Sigmund Bloom (@SigmundBloom)

We’re a week out from the 2019 season and the offseason debates will finally be settled. Sort of. Through the chaos that is the regular season, it can be hard to find definitive proof who’s right or wrong. Right, wrong, or right for the wrong reasons still gives us an opportunity to review the information […]

DOM Episode 52 – Derek Brown (@DBro_FFB)

The final episode in our position series. We’ve covered it all to date, but we can’t forget the tight end postiion. More and more viable options have popped up over the last few seasons, but there’s more to the position than being able to catch a pass. Frequent guest Derek Brown (TQE, Fantasy Black Book, […]

Devy Owner’s Manual Episode 16 – League Formats with Ryan McDowell

Ryan McDowell (@ryanmc23), a Devy OG, joins our co-hosts Dwight @FFPeeblesChamp and Andrew @MandrewNFLDraft, as they discuss devy league construction and ways to make your devy squad more competitive. They answer listener questions and even have some Disney movie talk! Thank you to DLF and The Dynasty Owner’s Manual – be sure to check us […]

DOM Episode 51 – Justin Edwards (@Justin_Redwards)

Part 4 of the positional series…isn’t a singular position. It can be argued that offensive line play drives most of the production that we as fantasy managers care so much about. But ‘the trenches’ aren’t our focus. We look at the guy with the ball. But how is the quarterback afforded the time to scan […]

DOM Episode 50 – Bob Lung (@Bob_Lung)

The running back position has so much nuance to it that we struggle to identify what’s important. Blocking schemes, surrounding talent, snaps…it all becomes a part of our vocabulary when, sometimes, the production speaks for itself. Bob Lung (author of the Consistency Guide) joins the DOM crew to look past the film and discuss how […]

Episode 49 – Mark Schofield (@MarkSchofield)

The positional series continues with Part II: Quarterbacks. The DOM crew brings in the best in the industry to give their approach to each evaluating each position with a short film session to apply the concepts discussed. Mark Schofield (Locked On Patriots, Pro Football Weekly) brings his process to the show to go over his […]

DOM Episode 48 – Matt Harmon (@MattHarmon_BYB)

Ever want to learn how an analyst approaches their craft? What they see while they evaluate players? Dynasty owners rely so much on film analysis from some of the best in the business it only made sense to go to the source. DOM is kicking off a positional series where we dig into the nuances […]

DOM Episode 47 – Bobby Koch (@RekedFantasy)

Third-round rookie picks. Other than using them as part of a trade, you can actually draft players with them. But, which ones? Dart throw and lottery ticket players all follow a similar archetype: a story. Bobby Koch (DLF, Zooperflex Podcast) returns to the pod to show us the way to Narrative Street. The stories we […]

DOM Episode 46 – Kacey Kasem (@TheKaceyKasem)

The first year of anything new can be difficult. You’re taking in new information, looking at old information in a new light, interacting with new people…it’s just different. Dynasty formats fall into this category. It’s not redraft nor DFS. Contracts, team fits, and draft capital now drive the conversation. Trade negotiations are daily conversations. There’s […]

DOM Episode 45 – Connor Allen (@ConnorAllenNFL)

The 2019 running back class is limited in top-tier talent, but that hasn’t stopped the dynasty community in finding new argument and narratives to support or devalue the players based on their respective ADPs. To help in assessing the class, Connor Allen (Rotoworld, The Quant Edge, Sharp Football) sits down with the DOM crew to […]

DOM Episode 44 – Derek Brown (@DBro_FFB)

Drafting is an art/science unto itself. Roster construction, draft position, and league-mate tendencies all become factors in the decision-making process. Regardless of if it’s a start-up or rookie draft, different strategies can be applied to continue molding our rosters into contenders. Or, can they? Derek Brown (TQE, FantasyData, Grid Iron Experts) rejoins the DOM crew […]

DOM Episode 43 – Jesse Reeves (@JesseReevesFF)

Take all your pre-draft rankings and throw them in the trash. NFL GMs inserted a bit of chaos into the dynasty community as we watched the draft unfold. We’re now to the point where a clear understanding of fantasy value comes into play. It’s not just about talent anymore. We have draft capital, situation, and […]

DOM Episode 42 – Memphis (@DFFMemphis)

It’s over. The draft has come and gone and rookie drafts are already underway. The problem is that landing spots have changed our perception about many of the players and their value. Here’s where the #Process becomes important. We’ve gone from traits and college production to team fit and draft capital. How teams will try […]

DOM Episode 41 – Russ Fisher (@DynastyOuthouse)

To take over as reigning champion of guest appearances, Russ Fisher (@DynastyOuthouse) joins the DOM crew the week before the draft. Owners are getting restless. Trades are flying into manager’s inboxes. We need the calm, cool collectedness that is the co-host of the Trade Addicts podcast. Before you click accept on your next offer, sit […]

Devy Owner’s Manual Episode 14 – 2018,2019,2020 Mock

In this crazy episode, your hosts Dwight (@FFPeeblesChamp) and Andrew (@MandrewNFLDraft) welcome guest Shane Hallum (@ShanePHallum) for a mock draft including 2018, 2019, and 2020 draft classes all included into one mock draft. How valuable are the 2020 players? How does each class compare when all in the same draft pool? We answer those questions […]

DOM Episode 40 – Shane Manila (@DFF_Shane)

The dynasty community is getting restless as the countdown to the NFL Draft continues. As your inbox fills with trade offers, it’s important to understand if you even need to make a move before we see how the league values these players. The DOM crew had Shane Manila (@DFF_Shane) stop in to discuss that very […]

DOM Episode 39 – Dynasty Owner’s Mock Draft

The NFL Draft is almost upon us and analyst rankings are being shuffled as the debate on traits and production near their end. While the Draft ends speculation on landing spot, the fantasy discussion on future volume begins to take shape. But all we have to rely on now is the data at hand and […]

DOM Episode 38 – Jesse Reeves (@JesseReevesFF)

The process for evaluating rookies can be difficult with multiple sources of input. The draft is nearly here and the dynasty community has been overloaded with content. From The Combine to the information released after Pro Days, the rankings are being constantly adjusted as we learn more. Grinding tape and analyzing data never stops so […]

DOM Episode 37 – Ethan Turner (@ETurnerFF_PT)

Injuries can change…everything. They can change our value on the player, the offense, the placement player…everything. But how much? Our perception and prognostication of how injuries affect a player vary between dynasty managers. Ethan Turner is here to help set us straight. Both his experience and profession help him determine what’s important in analyzing an […]

DOM Episode 36 – Peter Howard (@pahowdy)

The offseason is when the public spends most of its time on Narrative Street. Evidence-based takes fall into the background as we argue over prospect highlight reels and what-if scenarios regarding draft position or NFL production. It’s a season unto itself. We had to bring Peter back to help us zero in on what matters. Or, […]

DOM Episode 35 – The Dynasty Dummies (@DynastyDummies)

The events preceding the NFL Draft always produce multiple narratives for each player. The Senior Bowl and Combine offer different views of the incoming draft class and it can be difficult to sort through what’s important. So instead of getting one voice to talk through the data, we got two. Zac Reed (@tacitassassin13) and Kyle LaBreck […]

DOM Episode 34 – Gabe Geering (@FFManBun)

‘Flip the page, Dynasty is the newest rage’ The man – no – the genius behind the track bringing you in is none other than Gabe Geering. Spitter of fire, turner of phrases, and manager of dynasty rosters…Gabe does it all. In between dropping tracks, Gabe sits down with the crew to talk about everything […]

Devy Owner’s Manual – Episode 12 COMBINE!!!

Join hosts Dwight Peebles (@FFPeeblesChamp), Andrew Harbaugh (@DHH_Mandrew), and guest Tyler Browning (@DiabeticTyler) from the upcoming Draught Time podcast as they talk about the combine and some prospects they like, some they don’t, and some that will just fizzle and burn like a dying star. News and Notes Players we are watching, and players that […]

DOM Episode 33 – Justin Barlow (@FFcouchcoach)

The offseason is a time for many things. Adjusting rosters, acquiring picks, or even just taking a mental break from the constant media input is all useful to dynasty managers. Justin Barlow (FF Outfitters, Dynasty Trade Calculator) hops on with the DOM crew to talk about his approach to the offseason. Taking a break can help […]

DOM – Episode 32 – John Michael (@JMicCheck)

You ever sit down and listen to a podcast and say, “This sounds like when me and my friends get together and talk about football.” The jokes, the yelling, the constant laughter…but there’s always a few nuggets of knowledge dropped amidst the chaos that keeps the conversation rolling. That is The Open Bar FF podcast […]

DOM – Episode 31 – Brian Malone (@BrianMaloneFF)

We’re back! The 2018 season is over and the offseason has begun. Dynasty content is already hitting everyone’s TL and discussing rookies so why not join in on the action? Brian Malone has put together the Cohort Report that looks at player comparisons based on both age and production. ‘Range of outcomes’ is a term […]

Devy Owner’s Manual – Episode 11 with Travis May

Episode 11 features host Dwight Peebles (@FFPeeblesChamp) and special guest Travis May (@FF_TravisM) talking about some devy names to watch for in your upcoming devy drafts! Quick recap of news and commits Tons of prospects to target

Devy Owner’s Manual Episode 10 – Prospects

Episode 10 features hosts Andrew Harbaugh (@DHH_Mandrew) and Dwight Peebles (@FFPeeblesChamp) talking about players that need to be watched this week in the showcase bowls. The East/West Shrine Game and NFLPA Collegiate Bowls feature players trying to make that one last impression before the draft season takes full effect! News and Notes for the Week […]

Devy Owner’s Manual Episode 9 – Championship Recap

Hosts Dwight Peebles (@FFPeeblesChamp) and Andrew Harbaugh (@DHH_Mandrew) delve into the hottest topics in the Devy landscape each week and this week – it’s the National Championship game! Post-championship recap leads the way and declaration season is upon us. Join Dwight and Andrew for all your Devy needs! Alabama versus Clemson Recap Draft Declarations Freshman/Sophomore Mock […]

Devy Owner’s Manual Episode 8 – The BCS Championship Edition

Episode 8 brings hosts Dwight Peebles @FFPeeblesChamp and Andrew Harbaugh @DHH_Mandrew to the table to discuss the first two games of the BCS playoff and preview of the BCS title game. They also discuss players that improved stock in the bowl games, players that hurt their stock, and news in the college football landscape. Quick […]

Episode 30 – The Owner’s Manual Pod

The fantasy season is officially over, but is it really? Dynasty owners turn away from their weekly lineups to their overall roster as college players enter the draft. Bowl games and media hype fuel much of what we see on social media, but there’s plenty of useful content to consume before our drafts. To help, the […]

Devy Owner’s Manual Episode 7 – Awards/Bowls

Episode 7 of Devy Owner’s Manual – hosts Andrew Harbaugh (@DHH_Mandrew) and Dwight Peebles (@FFPeeblesChamp) talk about the upcoming awards and the bowl season. A quick recap of Championship week, who we think will win major awards and a quick look as bowls and Senior Bowl participants. News of the Week including Urban Meyer and […]

Episode 29 – Chris Svoboda (@TheSvobodaDHH)

It’s that time of year where fantasy GMs scrutinize every single matchup and become hypersensitive to daily news. Injuries, matchups, and practice participation all take center stage as the playoffs drown us in feelings of confidence mixed with a tinge of fear. Is your roster ready for the playoffs? Are you already looking at 2019? […]

Devy Owners Manual – Episode 6 – Championship Week

In the sixth episode of the Devy Owners Manual,  hosts Andrew Harbaugh and Dwight Peebles talk about the games that are dominating the headlines and players that will be taking snaps in the NFL in years coming up. A full episode of meaty goodness covering Rivalry Week and looking after to Championship Week. Topics Include: […]

Episode 28 – Etan Mozia (@FF_Wonderkid)

There are a number of metrics that we as dynasty GMs consider when evaluating a player. Their age, their contract, their role on the team…all play a part in determining the risk associated with retaining them or dealing them away. Each is important, but how should they be weighted? Etan Mozia (@FF_Wonderkid) from Fantrax sat down […]

Devy Owners Manual Episode 5 – Rivalry Week!

In the fifthepisode of the Devy Owners Manual,  hosts Andrew Harbaugh and Dwight Peebles talk about the games that are dominating the headlines and players that will be taking snaps in the NFL in years coming up. Quick episode before the long holiday weekend – enjoy your four days of FOOTBALL! Topics Include: Game Recaps […]

Episode 27 – Jeff Miller (@FFJeffM)

Who’s the man with the funny tweets? Who can’t remember what he eats? Who can’t be beat? Who is elite? Jeff Miller, Jeff Miller, Jeff Miller. This makes more sense if you read it to the tune of Sanka’s boxcar race chant from ‘Cool Runnings’. An odd pop-culture reference? Sure. But that’s essentially how conversations […]

Devy Owners Manual Episode 4

In the fourth episode of the Devy Owners Manual,  hosts Andrew Harbaugh and Dwight Peebles talk about the games that are dominating the headlines and players that will be taking snaps in the NFL in years coming up. Five prospects we love to watch,  defensive prospects rising up the boards, and small school players you’ve […]

Devy Owners Manual Episode 3

In the third episode of the Devy Owners Manual,  hosts Andrew Harbaugh and Dwight Peebles talk about the games that are dominating the headlines and players that will be taking snaps in the NFL in years coming up. More Alabama and Tua, defensive prospects rising up the boards, and small school players you’ve never heard […]

Devy Owners Manual Real Episode 2

In the second episode of the Devy Owners Manual,  hosts Andrew Harbaugh and Dwight Peebles talk about the devy landscape. Andrew and Dwight talked about a few college players they really like including Heisman hopeful Tua Tagovailoa and Gardner Minshew, also who has the best hair in College football! Topics Include: Games and Players to watch for […]

Episode 26 – Dynasty Outhouse Part II (@DynastyOuthouse)

We took a break, came back, and no one was better equipped to get us back on schedule than the trade addict himself, Dynasty Outhouse (@DynastyOuthouse). The DOM crew decided on a ‘short’ round-table style discussion over various league topics that wound up turning into nearly 90 minutes of practical application, tirades on league rules, […]

Devy Owners Manual Episode 1

In the inaugural episode of the Devy Owners Manual, host Adam Wilde and permanent hosts Andrew Harbaugh and Dwight Peebles lay out the groundwork for the Devy Owners Manual. They talk about the importance of devy in relation to dynasty and go over how they got into devy and scouting. Andrew and Dwight talked about a few college players […]

Episode 25 – Andrew Harbaugh (@DHH_Mandrew)

Dynasty GMs focus on the now during the NFL season with some attention paid towards the future. Because the college football season occurs during the same time period of the year, we tend to miss out on the prospects that typically end up on our rosters in a couple years. Andrew Harbaugh of Dynasty Happy […]

Episode 24 – Kacey Kasem (@thekaceykasem)

It’s easy for us to look back on our first years in dynasty and recount the horrors or joys experience, but what did you learn during that first year? What processes or resources did you use? If you can’t remember, or if you’re thinking of getting into dynasty, this is the episode for you. Kacey […]

Episode 23 – Brad Reyes (@MeanMrMode)

We’re almost a quarter into the fantasy season and either injuries or poor performances have backed us into difficult decisions on our rosters. But, how do we decide? To help, Brad Reyes of The Quant Edge dropped by and talked with the DOM crew about his process for putting together either lineups on DRAFT or […]

Episode 22 – DOM Duo

Week 1 is in the books and we’re staring down the barrel of Week 2. With so many takeaways, we thought it’d be easier to just share our thoughts on what we saw, processes for churning our rosters, and what to expect going forward. Chris and Adam lay out what they saw and how they’ve […]

Episode 21 – Sam Lane (@FFStompy)

What do you do when you get towards the end of your draft? Who are the players we should be targeting with the picks we consider to be throwaways? The darts might not always hit, but Sam Lane of IDP Guys, Fantasy Football Franchise, and the Fantasy Authority has some tips for you. Sam sits […]

Episode 20 – Ben Cummins (@BenCumminsFF)

Dynasty draft season is over. Redraft season is here. But, regardless of which format you choose, we all have to worry about our weekly rosters. Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) analysis highlights the weekly edges we need to succeed. So…why not talk to a DFS expert? Ben Cummins (Fantasy Footballers) sits down with the DOM crew […]

Episode 19 – Ryan McDowell (@RyanMc23)

When you get a chance to talk to one of the biggest names in the dynasty community, one topic just doesn’t do the conversation justice. So, we covered everything! Ryan McDowell (DLF, Dynasty Blueprint, etc.) sat down with the DOM crew to talk about…everything! All of the past topics were covered and Ryan provided his […]

Episode 18 – Dynasty Outhouse (@DynastyOuthouse)

“I got some B’s on my team that need to leave. If anyone wants Baker or Bell, let’s make this happen.” – Dynasty Outhouse If you love to trade, this is the episode for you. All of the themes the DOM crew has discussed on previous podcasts were brought into practical application with the man, […]

Episode 17 – George Kritikos (@RotoHack)

Why in the world would anyone want to get up before 3 AM to deal with fantasy football? Auction drafts, apparently. George Kritikos (Senior Writer at DLF) made a special appearance on the pod to discuss how auction drafts work and how dynasty owners can navigate them. Chris is still skeptical, but Adam and George […]

Episode 16 – Brandon Nickel (@Dynasty_Scout)

  “What would it take to get this done?” A simple question, but one that could net you a closed deal in a dynasty trade. Brandon Nickel (Dynasty Happy Hour) joins us to talk about trades and specifically how he gets them done. The players involved can wind up being significant, Brandon outlines a couple […]

Episode 15 – Jordan McNamara (@McNamaraDynasty)

Good draft strategy, roster evaluation, and player evaluation all intersect at the same place: process. If your process is sound, you’re more likely to hit on players or wind up in the running for a championship. Jordan sits down with the DOM crew to talk about his process and what he’s done for his upcoming […]

Episode 14 – Kevin O’Brien (@the_FF_engineer)

There are very few people in the industry that have spanned the football spectrum. From fantasy analysts to scouts, Kevin O’Brien has spoken to them all. The Fantasy Football Engineering podcast features some of the brightest minds in both real and fantasy football and Kevin is at the heart of it all. His insightful questions […]

Episode 13 – Derek Brown (@DBro_FFB)

Fantasy football focuses on what’s done on the field. We as fans want the highlight reels, the touchdowns, the deep passes, and everything else that scores points. But as dynasty owners, we’re also focused on the collective wallets of the NFL. ‘Money talks’ is more than just a catchphrase and Derek Brown (Gridiron Experts, NumberFire, […]

Episode 12 – Leo Ciga (@Ciga_FF)

Ever hear of ‘The Notebook Guy’? He keeps detailed information on every pick, trade, and player eval in each of his dynasty leagues. That’s Leo. Once a podcast recluse, he’s come out of hiding to share his knowledge and process with the DOM crew. Leo’s time in the dynasty community can give new and experienced […]

Episode 11 – Jake Anderson (@NFLDraftTalker)

You haven’t seen him in person, but you’ve seen his work featured across your TL. The GIF-maker himself and co-host of the Dynasty Crossroads pod, Jake Anderson, joined the DOM crew to go over his process for film review. He brings the opposite train of thought than the analytical mind of Peter Howard, but brings […]

Episode 10 – Tyler Ghee (@TylerGheeNFL)

We did it! Ten whole episodes of the Dynasty Owners Manual podcast and who better to celebrate it with than Tyler Ghee. The DOM crew linked up with Tyler on the Open Bar podcast and, after some lengthy Latavius Murray discussion, had to have him on the show. The name of the game is “prove […]

Episode 8 (Part 2) – Peter Howard (@pahowdy)

Peter’s work is so diverse and extensive we had to have him back for a second episode. We dug into more of the metrics he’s used along with some of the wide receivers he’s excited about for 2018. Follow Peter on Twitter, check his Catch Report available at, and look for his work featured […]

Episode 8 (Part 1) – Peter Howard (@pahowdy)

Ever wonder who that guy is that posts long Twitter threads on projections, stats, and other metrics for RotoUnderworld? Well, that’s Peter Howard. Peter is a writer at DLF and RotoUnderworld has worked on advanced metrics such as Adjusted QBR. We sit down with Peter and get an overview of how to make projections and […]

Episode 7 – Addison Hayes (@amazehayes_)

We’re back with Episode 7 continuing our look into data driven decisions for the dynasty community. Addison Hayes of join Adam and Chris to walk through his website. Filled with data, metrics and some play evaluation, provides in-depth analysis on all of your favorite players. Addison walks us through his process of calculating Z-score […]

Episode 6 – Jacob Buettner

Episode 6. Maybe? Regardless of episode number, we got together with Jacob Buettner (@FFSkiBum) of Dynasty Happy Hour to discuss his work on running back evaluation. Jacob’s used multiple player metrics, draft value, and landing spot to create a model that helps gauge a player’s effectiveness within an offense once they’re drafted. The crew discusses […]

Episode 5 – John Bosch

In Episode 5, and it’s just a week before the draft. The crew switches tracks slightly to discuss League Psychology with John Bosch (@EmpireFFL). A recent Twitter poll showed that understanding your league mates and how they play the game can be more valuable than your own understanding of fantasy football. Understanding league psych requires […]

Episode 4 – Nathan Powell

In Episode 4, we talk with the great Nathan Powell of Dynasty League Football about the infamous Devy format. To cap off the format portion of the pod series, Nathan gives us his takes on Devy, players to watch, and how dynasty owners can leverage that information for their other leagues. Topics include: What is Devy? […]

Episode 3 – Tom Kislingbury

In Episode 3, we talk with Tom Kislingbury of Dynasty League Football about Individual Defensive Players (IDP) format. We go a bit more in depth with Tom as we get some details into his process and talk about how we should value both returning vets and the incoming rookie class. Topics include: What is IDP? Tom’s […]

Episode 2 – Bobby Koch

In Episode 2, we talk with Bobby Koch of Dynasty League Football, Two QBs, and the Afterburners Podcast. What could possibly go wrong when the guys want to talk about 2QB and Superflex formats with a Blake Bortles truther? Topics include: What is dynasty? What’s the difference between 2QB and SuperFlex formats? What quarterbacks have […]