DOM Episode 65 – Part 1 – Bobby Koch (@RekedFantasy)

The top of the NFL draft has been the focus of both the real and fantasy football community since February. Will Cincinnati actually take Burrow? Will Miami take Tua? Will any team move up or down in the draft to get their guy? The intrigue rightfully has our attention, but there are other prospects of interest. Other guys that can possibly fill a role either in 2020 or beyond. The quarterback position will likely see more turnover after the 2020 season with multiple veterans in their final season(s). The quarterbacks entering the league have their chance at assuming those roles and those possibilities aren’t limited to just Tua and Burrow. We brought on Bobby Koch to discuss some of the quarterbacks we’re not talking a lot about to look at their skillsets and possible landing spots. Depending on where they fall, we need to be ready to adjust our ranks should the opportunity arise.

Quarterbacks discussed:

  • Justin Herbert to Los Angeles (Chargers)
  • Jordan Love to New Orleans
  • Jalen Hurts to Indianapolis