Month: July 2018

Episode 15 – Jordan McNamara (@McNamaraDynasty)

Good draft strategy, roster evaluation, and player evaluation all intersect at the same place: process. If your process is sound, you’re more likely to hit on players or wind up in the running for a championship. Jordan sits down with the DOM crew to talk about his process and what he’s done for his upcoming […]

Episode 14 – Kevin O’Brien (@the_FF_engineer)

There are very few people in the industry that have spanned the football spectrum. From fantasy analysts to scouts, Kevin O’Brien has spoken to them all. The Fantasy Football Engineering podcast features some of the brightest minds in both real and fantasy football and Kevin is at the heart of it all. His insightful questions […]

Episode 13 – Derek Brown (@DBro_FFB)

Fantasy football focuses on what’s done on the field. We as fans want the highlight reels, the touchdowns, the deep passes, and everything else that scores points. But as dynasty owners, we’re also focused on the collective wallets of the NFL. ‘Money talks’ is more than just a catchphrase and Derek Brown (Gridiron Experts, NumberFire, […]

Episode 12 – Leo Ciga (@Ciga_FF)

Ever hear of ‘The Notebook Guy’? He keeps detailed information on every pick, trade, and player eval in each of his dynasty leagues. That’s Leo. Once a podcast recluse, he’s come out of hiding to share his knowledge and process with the DOM crew. Leo’s time in the dynasty community can give new and experienced […]