Month: March 2019

DOM Episode 37 – Ethan Turner (@ETurnerFF_PT)

Injuries can change…everything. They can change our value on the player, the offense, the placement player…everything. But how much? Our perception and prognostication of how injuries affect a player vary between dynasty managers. Ethan Turner is here to help set us straight. Both his experience and profession help him determine what’s important in analyzing an […]

DOM Episode 36 – Peter Howard (@pahowdy)

The offseason¬†is when the public spends most of its time on Narrative Street. Evidence-based takes fall into the background as we argue over prospect highlight reels and what-if scenarios regarding draft position or NFL production. It’s a season unto itself. We had to bring Peter back to help us zero in on what matters. Or, […]

DOM Episode 35 – The Dynasty Dummies (@DynastyDummies)

The events preceding¬†the NFL Draft always produce multiple narratives for each player. The Senior Bowl and Combine offer different views of the incoming draft class and it can be difficult to sort through what’s important. So instead of getting one voice to talk through the data, we got two. Zac Reed (@tacitassassin13) and Kyle LaBreck […]

DOM Episode 34 – Gabe Geering (@FFManBun)

‘Flip the page, Dynasty is the newest rage’ The man – no – the genius behind the track bringing you in is none other than Gabe Geering. Spitter of fire, turner of phrases, and manager of dynasty rosters…Gabe does it all. In between dropping tracks, Gabe sits down with the crew to talk about everything […]