DOM Episode 36 – Peter Howard (@pahowdy)

The offseason¬†is when the public spends most of its time on Narrative Street. Evidence-based takes fall into the background as we argue over prospect highlight reels and what-if scenarios regarding draft position or NFL production. It’s a season unto itself.

We had to bring Peter back to help us zero in on what matters. Or, at least, what doesn’t matter. His analysis into college production gives us the signals and thresholds for prospects. Are they 100% effective? Nope. But we can extract a process for evaluating a player based on what information is available. Outliers or players that buck the trend can come from any class. But as dynasty managers, we’ll need something to clue us in on a player’s potential to keep them on our squad.


  • Go check out the Dynasty Crossroads podcast
  • Film vs Analytics
  • The Josh Jacob’s Rabbit Hole
  • Can film study change your opinion?
  • Process for selecting the 1.01