Episode 24 – Kacey Kasem (@thekaceykasem)

It’s easy for us to look back on our first years in dynasty and recount the horrors or joys experience, but what did you learn during that first year? What processes or resources did you use? If you can’t remember, or if you’re thinking of getting into dynasty, this is the episode for you. Kacey Kasem of Fight Chance Fantasy took some time to sit down with the DOM crew and go over her first year in the dynasty format. Not just the players. Not just the trades. But, what about the day you made the conscious decision to get into a dynasty league? The anxiety associated with such an undertaking can be just as important as drafting your team. Kacey walks the fellas through it all with some stories along the way.

Topics include:

  • Getting Into the Industry
  • Experiencing Dynasty for the first time
  • Process Tweaks
  • Trades!
  • Valuing Players
  • Redraft vs Dynasty Mentality