Episode 27 – Jeff Miller (@FFJeffM)

Who’s the man with the funny tweets? Who can’t remember what he eats? Who can’t be beat? Who is elite? Jeff Miller, Jeff Miller, Jeff Miller.

This makes more sense if you read it to the tune of Sanka’s boxcar race chant from ‘Cool Runnings’. An odd pop-culture reference? Sure. But that’s essentially how conversations with Jeff Miller go down. The DLF writer and 4for4 Twitter account manager took the DOM crew on winding conversation that went from the future of the NFL to possible dynasty trades to beer. It’s all…mostly relevant…but the heart of the conversation was how to address the varying situations that all owners are facing at this point in the season. Whether you’re a lock for the playoffs, a contender (or pretender), or missing the playoffs entirely, there’s a path forward to either win now or win in 2019.

Topics Discussed:

  • What to do when you’re a┬álock for the playoffs
  • What to do when you’re a middle of the road team
  • How to address looking ahead to 2019 and being out of the playoffs
  • Players to target and contextualizing trade values
  • Le’Veon Bell