Episode 8 (Part 1) – Peter Howard (@pahowdy)

Ever wonder who that guy is that posts long Twitter threads on projections, stats, and other metrics for RotoUnderworld? Well, that’s Peter Howard.

Peter is a writer at DLF and RotoUnderworld has worked on advanced metrics such as Adjusted QBR. We sit down with Peter and get an overview of how to make projections and what to make of adjusted QBR in Part 1 of our two part series. Peter, like all of us, has learned from some of the best in data science, creating projections, and understanding what the stats are telling us about a player. We encourage everyone to give the people mentioned a follow for more resources.

Topics include:

How do you make projections?

What’s important to the process?

What’s Adjusted QBR?

RotoUnderworld’s metrics and Adjusted QBR

What could you do with Adjusted QBR?

Quarterbacks to look out for in 2018